Here are some of Andrew and Jarrett's birthday pictures from years gone by.  They aren't in chronological order, but I know no one really cares because they're so cute.  As you can see from the pictures, they always loved their birthdays.  One of these days, I'll recover the missing pictures from my much maligned hard drive and then I can get them in their proper order. 

Andrew's first picture

Andrew & Jarrett looking at the smoke from the candles on Andrew's birthday cake.

Andrew smiling at the camera - Jarrett not posing in his usual gregarious manner.

Jarrett's first picture - waving at the crowd

Jarrett's 5th birthday party at Kaneville Child Care Center

Jarrett's first birthday and Andrew's third birthday cake with Aunt Diane

Jarrett with his snowman cake on his third birthday - love the red mustache

Happy 2nd Birthday Andrew

Donna opening Andrew's card - Andrew behind a big present - Bob holding baby Jarrett (6 weeks old)

Donna looking surprised - Andrew just looking - Jarrett looks like he's sleeping - Bob is saying something

Donna (nice glasses and dark hair) - Andrew excited beyond belief - Jarrett is trying to grab Andrew's present - Bob is looking serious

Uncle Ron, Aunt Liz, Uncle Al, big bottle of bubbles

Uncle Ron, Aunt Liz, Uncle Al, Gayla, Veralee, Uncle Bergy, Aunt Avis, Donna holding Jarrett and Andrew's in the big boy chair

Andrew - studying his toy silo filled with little people

Andrew's 3rd birthday - nice cone head


Jarrett's in his high chair, Donna, Andrew (cone head), Bob (cone head) are all blowing noisemakers (as if we needed MORE noise)

Donna (NICE curly hair), Karen, Andrew, Dan, Bob (all cone heads)

Jarrett enjoying a drink after eating his lasagna and Andrew looking up at the heavens for inspiration

Daniel enjoying the party with Grandpa Burkholder

Jarrett - looking particularly pitiful but in a cute way

Jarrett's mummy cake in Florida - 5th birthday

Jarrett (wearing his Illinois colors) trying to hit the pinata

Andrew getting ready to seriously whack the pinata

Jarrett happily doing a puzzle in one of his birthday present books

Jarrett smiling - he always loved his birthday

Andrew's 10th birthday with the famous Chicago Bulls cupcakes

Jarrett eating one of Andrew's birthday cupcakes and having a glass of sparkling grape juice

Andrew getting ready to blow out his candles

Andrew lighting his candles (okay, the pictures are out of order)

The Chicago Bulls birthday cupcakes (those were the days of Michael Jordan)

For many years, we would have Jarrett's birthday party on New Year's Eve.  That way if the kids' parents wanted to go out, they knew that their children were safe at our house.  That is until that one year..........hmmm

Jarrett's 7th birthday party on New Year's Eve (top: Jon; middle: Ben, Jacob, Andrew; bottom: Felix and Jarrett)

Here's a picture from my 50th birthday party.  We went over to Fisherman's Inn and ate in the Captain's Room.  It's that round room that looks like a silo.  It was very cool.  They had pewter silverware and goblets....maybe even dishes for all I remember.  Well, if I looked at the picture, I'd see the plates!!  hello.  We have other pictures but this is nice:

Bob looking at the camera, Jarrett looking over his shoulder, Donna (birthday girl) and Andrew with his bleached hair and tan.

I found an album with pictures of Andrew (before Jarrett was born).  These included more photos from Andrew's FIRST birthday.  I like when the pictures tell a story.  The day before Andrew's first birthday (when he was only 364 days old), I went over to DeKalb to do some shopping.  During Andrew's first year, I NEVER left him.  I decided that since it was a Saturday and Bob was home, I could safely go away for a couple of hours.  NOT!  When I got home, Andrew had managed to trip and fall against a piece of furniture and split his upper lip.  My p-o-o-r baby.  Of course, it wasn't Bob's fault.  But that had never happened when I was with him.  haha   I think Andrew finally recovered completely when he opened his presents and found out that I had given him six rolls of toilet paper to play with.  Plus, all the other STUFF that we had gotten for him!










Andrew looking suspiciously at the fire on top of a very large cookie.

Once the fire was out, hey, I want some!! 

Andrew finally reached the cake.  What a mess!!

Notice the boo-boo on his upper lip - that's NOT frosting!

Jarrett and his ten dollar bill on the way home in the limo.

We were in the limo coming home from Florida on the day before Jarrett's birthday!  It was pretty late and when it got to midnight, I let him open his birthday card from Grandpa and Grandma Berg and he put the money on top of his head so I could take a picture.  He was 14 years old.  We were supposed to get a stretch limo but they sent a town car.  Imagine our disappointment.  awwww 










Andrew with balloons stuffed under his shirt - 7th birthday?  Jarrett blowing out his candle on his 9th birthday.


Jarrett and Andrew at Red Lobster in DeKalb celebrating Andrew's 9th or 10th birthday.










The servers are singing to Andrew as he smiles.


Jarrett holding up a replica of Larry Lobster.

Andrew holding a non-alcoholic pina colada at Red Lobster.









A couple of cone-heads celebrating Andrew's 3rd birthday - this belongs further up the page.


I got the idea for the birthday pictures page when I saw these two photos which tell the story of Jarrett's 8th birthday.


Jarrett's 8th birthday, he always looked at the camera.       Jarrett getting ready to blow out the 8 candles on his cake.  

When Andrew and Jarrett were little, I would take them to Florida to Grandma and Grandpa Berg's house for a month every winter.  They'd be able to get outside and play and I would be able to drive my car without wearing bulky winter clothes.  Bob got to stay home and work!  Then, he'd come down at the end of our trip and drive back with us.  We spent a lot of birthdays in Florida.  Here's one of them.


Andrew's 5th birthday party in Florida celebrating with the Bryan children, and here's the robot cake I made.  Ain't it cute?


Some of the cone heads (Andrew, Jarrett, Brice, Alex & Caroline) trying on funny glasses, and the birthday boy cone head, Andrew.

This looks like Jarrett's first birthday and Andrew's third birthday celebration in Florida with Aunt Diane.

Andrew's 7th birthday with Jarrett by his side.

A birthday party at the Dixie Darlin's house in Georgia while we were on our way to Florida.

Andrew is helping Grandpa Burkholder blow out his candles at his 70th birthday party and Jarrett is watching intently.

Jarrett, Bob, Andrew, Donna at Aunt Avis's birthday party at Eduardo's in DeKalb.

Jarrett in Florida (5 years old) wearing a BARNEY conehead hat!!

Andrew's birthday party at Funway and by the way, we did have fun!


Jarrett smiling in front of the Christmas tree on 1/1/99 (two days before his 11th birthday).  Jarrett and Ryan enjoying sparkling grape juice.  Notice Hobbes under the Christmas tree with the scary eyes.