Bob's Minnesota Connection - they're not chronological

Pa and Ma Gulso - I'm guessing this might be George and Nancy Gulso

Here's what I've found out so far about Bob's branch of the Leighs (Pappy's family):

            John Cornelius Leigh (died 1864 in the Civil War) married Caroline A. Rathbun

              children:  Joseph R. Leigh married Sabrina Estey (sister of Flora)

                            Osmer Cornelius Leigh married Flora Christina Estey (December 7, 1881)


                             children:  John Cornelius, Violet Charlotte, Alice Caroline, Harry Howard, Dora Maybelle,

                                           (died of pertussis at 9 months), Julia Sabrina and Francis Ellery* (Bob's grandpa)

                                                   *Francis Ellery Leigh married Eva Gulso

                                      children:  Dale, Jewell Avis, Vada Ruth

Quite a few years ago, I took pictures (with my most excellent camera) of a huge genealogy chart that somehow magically appeared from Minnesota.  Unfortunately, I couldn't keep it in my possession to make actual copies of it so the copies that I have aren't real complete.  Whoever compiled it (in the days before computers) did an awesome job.  It's quite interesting but very confusing because it does involve people and in the 1800's people had a LOT of kids and some of them had two or three spouses  Can you imagine writing down family histories - not always as easy as one would think.  At least, I now know the names of the Leighs even though I don't have a picture of all of them together from the old days.  Although I do have a picture taken outside when they were all older (I'll have to put that in here).  I also found the names of the rest of the Millers.  I love this stuff. 

*  *  *

Church members in North Dakota - probably the Burkholders are in here somewhere

I'm not sure if this is Eva Gulso or not.  It appears that she's holding a diploma. 

Bob's uncle Melvin (age 7) holding Bob's dad Glen (3 months and 17 days) December 1920 

Uncle Melvin with Glen (1921).  Melvin died young but we don't know the details.  We didn't even know about him until Grandpa passed away in 2002.  He just looks so sweet and happy to be a big brother.

Glen Burkholder (2 years and 3 months) - December 1922

Glen Burkholder (1922) - sitting on a step.  This picture was very, very light but the gaze reminded us of Jarrett.

Glen in the sailor suit - Christmas 1923 - he looks a LOT like Brent when he was younger and somewhat like Jarrett in this picture.  He was three years old.  They took his picture every year at Christmas.

Jacob (Jake) and Winifred (Winnie Miller) Burkholder - Bob's grandparents - probably 1911

The MILLER family - Back row:  John, Ray, Winnie (Burkholder) and Hazel (Weimer)

Front row:  Orville "Shorty," Grandpa Miller, Beulah (Smith), and Grandma Miller

Frank holding Jewell, Dale in the middle and Eva holding Vada - the Leigh family - December 1927

Front row:  Eva (Gulso) Leigh and Francis Ellery Leigh

Back row:  Vada Ruth Leigh, Dale Leigh, Jewell Avis (Leigh) Burkholder

This is the Gulso Family - the little munchkin (left) on the floor next to the little boy is Bob's grandmother.  She was born in the late 1800's.

This is a close-up crop of Mammy (Eva Gulso) with her brother "Peeps" - she looks just like a young Krissy!

Mammy and Pappy (Eva and Frank Leigh) in the snow with Vada or Jewell (Bob's mom)

The Leigh children - Uncle Dale, Aunt Vada, Jewell (Bob's mom) and an unknown gentleman

This is Pappy's barbershop in Monticello - this picture was in rough shape, but you can see Pappy with is bow-tie and the requisite deer head mounted on the back wall.

I'm not sure who any of these people are but I think they might be Miller relatives.