Old Pictures from Minnesota
There is no identifying information on this picture but obviously this is quite an awesome
house, however that tree is too close to the porch.  I wonder if it ever fell on the house?
Pictures from Northern Minnesota - early 1920's
Everyone is standing around the heavy logging equipment - even the women and
children.  I like the guy sitting on top!
Correction from Grandpa Berg:  That is a steam engine and thrashing machine in the picture that you
said was logging equipment.  As an old farmer, I had to mention that.  I stand corrected.  Thanks!!
Winsted, Minnesota - it's hard to see this picture because it was so light
but you can see the big log and the big saw blade
The lady in white is Mammy, and I think that's Pappy's sister, Julia (with
her two kids) and the older lady is Flora Leigh (Pappy's mother) posing in
front of the LOG cabin next to the birch trees.  Love the birch trees!
I recognize some of these people but I don't know who's who or for that matter what's what!
It looks like he has some foxy pets - good dog!
A piece of heavy logging equipment, I guess
Logs standing up in the snow.
Some guy holding his little baby out in the snow - she is bundled up though.
This is a closeup crop of the folks pictured below.  Aunt Vada will
be able to tell me who they are.
Some of these people are definitely related to Bob's mom, but I don't
know exactly how, who, what, when, where?????
Big pile of logs
Two horsies pulling wagonload of logs
Lots and lots and lots of logs
More and more and more logs
I'm a lumberjack and you're not! (notice the log house!!!)